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One of north Texas's most creative pyrotechnic team can provide choreographed fireworks displays set to music for your indoor and outdoor events, holiday celebrations and special occasions.

Licensed shooters in Texas and Arksansas

Federal Explosives License: 5-TX-397-54-7C-01763

More than 25 years combined
pyrotechnics experience.
More than 100 pyrotechnics
shows flawlessly designed.
Cumulative value greater than
a million dollars to date.

For people who love fireworks, by people who love fireworks.


Our Secret Formula:

As you know, fireworks design is all about chemistry!

10% Sulfur

15% Charcoal

75% Saltpeter

80% Originality

90% Imagination

100% Creativity

200% Fun

Big Boom Fireworks Variations

A dense spherical burst emits glittering graceful trails that linger in the sky for a few moments.
A spherical pattern of glowing flares that do not leave trails as they expand outward.
Weeping Willow
A glittering dome of silver or gold resembles the long branches that hang down from the tree.
Flying Fish
Following a short delay, the stars dart in odd directions like a spooked school of fish.
A compact directional burst with colorful stars that descend like the tail of a horse or waterfall.
Bright flurries of colorful stars swarm like angry bees that have been disturbed... by fireworks maybe?
A thick glowing tail on ascent forms the trunk, while large comets form colorful palm fronds.
Often accompanied by loud crackling, stars split to create multiple small crosses.
A very shiny burst that leaves a dense trail resembling a Japanese boy's hairstyle.
Smiley Face
Always memorable, our smiley faces never fail to draw comments from the crowd.
A spinning missile climbs rapidly throwing off sprays of glitter usually accompanied by a piercing whistle.
An enormous long-lasting spherical display produces silver or gold tipped tails hanging down.
An expanding formation of brilliant stars who's bright trails create a conical pattern high overhead.
Layer Effect
A pretty pattern of shells designed to detonate simultaneously at different altitudes.
A small color or effect in the center of a larger display that resembles the core structure within a flower.
Comet Scramble
An exploding shell releases a number of bright comets which take flight in unexpected directions.
Bright shoots of glitter resembling the legs of a spider are projected straight outward following a loud bang.
Similar to the peony but with only a few large projections which travel long distances before burn out.
A shell intended to produce a loud boom with a simple quick white flash instead of a colorful visual effect.
A peony or chrysanthemum shell featuring a center cluster of contrasting color.
Rings may resemble atoms, rose petals, red hearts, green clover and even smiley faces.
Colorful glitter that trails from a shell as it rapidly gains altitude before breaking.
A rose is a type of ring firework display that seems to outline the petals of a flower.
The relentless barrage marking a climatic ending with breathtaking pyrotechnic splendor.

Our Shows Can Be Choreographed to Music

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